Attaining a degree in must be one of the most specific decisions you have taken. We understand that throughout your criminal law coursework, you came across so many negative thoughts about the potential ambiguity of your career path.

Well, kiss all of these thoughts goodbye. There are plenty of careers and interesting jobs that are awaiting all criminal law graduates. Here are a few!


If you have taken psychology coursework or you are originally a psychologist who had taken criminal law coursework; you would make a very good criminologist.

Criminologist is all about observing and studying the behaviour of those who committed crimes and would use their analysis to foresee, predict, and prevent what they might commit in the future.

Forensics science technician

Since criminal law graduates have the know-how and the experience with gathering data and analyzing it. They are often headhunted to work in forensics to be of the few people who are allowed in a crime scene to gather all the evidence used to convict suspects.

Forensics requires a set of skills that make you stand out, such as handwriting analysis and ballistics knowledge.


This one is a bit self-explanatory. A detective is someone who works closely to criminologists and forensic scientists. They are usually the ones responsible for figuring out homicides and crimes. Detectives are often police officers who have several years of experience with crimes.

Criminal lawyer

The way criminologists can assist the authorities to accuse suspects, they can also be the lawyers that defend them.

Often, criminal lawyers handle crimes of fraud, homicides, theft, and a set of felonies. Criminal lawyers also work on negotiating with judges on decreasing the charges. You would know with this job the value of the law coursework you have taken throughout your studies.

Probation officers

Probation officers are the employees that spend time with prisoners and monitors their development in order to prepare them for the world after their do their time in jail. They are often taught and given a lot of support to acquire something that will allow them to integrate with society again.

Probation officers are there to make sure that this process continues to empower them and also make sure that they won’t impose a threat on their surroundings anymore.

Fraud investigator

If you would pursue a career in fraud investigation, you would probably work with insurance companies or financial institutions in order to analyze cases and appeals and give final calls about them.

You can always be a freelance fraud investigator and serve several clients. In order to study cases of fraud, you will have to rely on all of your skills while interviewing and conducting the analysis and gathering evidence.
What should you really do now?

If you already know which career is the most interesting for you, you would want to complement your undergraduate degree with a masters degree that will help you stand out. If you are yet to decide on what you want to do, we advise you to try out some of the jobs that seem appealing to you, maybe focus on the subject you enjoyed the most during college.