Criminal justice

Every time we read the newspaper we see many crime news some of them force us to stop reading the newspaper itself. There are officials who look into this but we still remain confused between criminal justice and criminology.

Before we get to the differences between criminal justice and criminology a crime is any sort of violation of government rules or norms laid for the citizens to follow at large.

Criminal justice is the one who investigates the crime and all the other stuff but also punishes the wrongdoers in the eyes of the court. The criminal justice is set of Government agencies and institutions that do the work of setting action against the criminals and also investigate the crime not only this they do punish them when found or proved guilty for their crime.

These government institutions include:

• Law enforcement this agency of government, usually the police. Police are someone who responded within least time to the victims and has the power to arrest the criminal if caught or found. They are not only for catching but they do investigate the crime as their duty with whole honesty.

• Courts water the investigation by the police the next stage of these government institutions include the courts that provide the justice to the victims and ensure strict action against the criminals the court listens to both the stories one of the victims and the made up story by the criminal and deliver the Judgement that’s right to the criminal as the courts usually sentences a fine, imprisonment and to worse than it like rigorous imprisonment, life imprisonment and even death sentences

• Prison and probation agencies with the criminals all around them their agencies work with clear intentions that the criminals should realize their mistakes and try to become a better human being.

• Rehabilitation centres this centres though have criminals but they work to improve the criminals that can be juvenile etc. They think that criminals are humans too but their situation forces them to do the crimes.


Criminology is the scientific study of nature, extent, management, causes, control, consequences, and prevention of criminal behaviour, both on individual and social levels.

The criminology is not only a branch to study the nature, extent and also crime but also deals with the cause and the situation that Compelled the criminals to do the same there are many positions that this branch offers such as

• Patrollers the one who deter crime.
• Detective, we all know the work of detectives as we have seen in Sherlock Holmes and other detectives movies.

In the court
• Attorneys the one who defend and prosecute in the court
• Judges the one who gives judgement and punishes the wrongdoers

In the prison
• Warden the one who is responsible for the entire house of a criminal called the prison
• Paroleofficersthese are the one who keeps a watch on the criminals inside and judges their every activity inside the prison which ensures the safety of every criminal inside the prison.